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Mrs.Zee...Tightly En-Twined
Having captured the deliciously treacherous Mrs Zee :iconmonicazee: it was important that the Detective kept a very close eye on her. He re-tied Mrs Zee with that nasty poultry twine, pulling her into a very strict hogtie, then replaced her gag with a rather large ballgag. He had some important calls to make, so he had to make sure that she remained absolutely silent. The first call was to Mrs Zee's little friend, WD's sworn enemy, the crooked little weasel Paul Sly. His number was very conveniently in Monica's cell phone, so warning the little sh*t of what was to come was no problem. Sly was no problem for the Detective, but the little worm had friends in high places who could make things difficult for the Detective. Once he had meade his calls from Mrs. Zee's comfy chair, he had time to admire this tightly bound captive. She was so tightly bound down there on the carpet, poor thing couldn't move a muscle in her rather sexy body. WD was very pleased how Mrs Zee's gagged looked too....Her mouth gaping beautifully around a large ballgag. Her thickly applied lip wax seemed to seal her lips even more effectively around the ball, maybe it was his imagination,but her red lips looked amazingly sensual stretched widely around it's smooth surface. A few pathetic clucking noises somehow escaped from Mrs. Zee's throat as she lay helplessly on her belly....poor thing was completely in his power.
Mrs.Zee...Slowly Coming To!
Nosey neighbour Mrs Zee :iconmonicazee: had certainly done her homework on the Detective. And when she heard about the reward the authorities were offering for any evidence that could put him in jail.....the calculating Monica even got herself an apartment, right next door! She noted his comings and goings, videoed the dodgy looking people who came and went, and she even followed him once or twice, but without any success. But Mrs Zee had certainly built up quite  dossier on the infamous WD. One evening she decided to call up WD's arch enemy, Inspector Paul Sly. What Mrs Zee didn't know was, that Sly was the most crooked and corrupt cop ever to wear the badge. Not that she would have given two hoots....she wanted that reward! After a long conversation with Sly, Monica had just put the phone down when she was captured in an incredibly strong grip, and a large had containing a foul smelling thick pad, closed over her nose and mouth. Mrs Zee writhed for all she was worth in her captor's arms, but she was going nowhere! Pretty soon her lovely eyes rolled back into her head, leaving only the white on display, before her long. false lashes finally flickered and then shut.
An hour or two later, Mrs Zee slowly began to wake up in her favourite comfy chair. Nothing unusual about that, she quite often dozed off while reading a novel, or in front of the TV. But this was different....Monica had been stripped naked, and she had been tightly trussed-up with thin, course poultry twine. The nasty threads dug deep into Mrs. Zee's tender flesh, pinching her every time she tried to move. Her mouth had been stuffed by a pair of discarded undergarments, and one of her pantyhose had been securely wrapped between her widely stretched red lips to keep everything nicely in place. To add insult to injury, her uninvited guest had taking the liberty of tying some more twine around Mrs Zee's hard nipples to underline her helplessness. The detective suddenly loomed above her out of the shadows...
"Welcome back at long last Mrs have been dozing for hours! Don't try and struggle Ma'am, that nasty, course twine is ideal  fro trussing up meddlesome old birds like your lovely self!"
Monica tried to move, but the twine bit mercilessly into her tender flesh, forcing her to keep still. Mrs Zee flexed her lips on the huge gag, and pressed her tongue against the tight wadding...."Mmmmmmmrrrrrmmmmmmm...!" She groaned forlornly. There was no escape, she was well and truly in his evil power!
Lady P and The Clumsy Therapist!
So the Detective had finally convinced the delicious Lady Penelope :iconenglishdamsel: to try out his Therapy Clinic rather than one of her usual big City venues. Apart from his exemplary ropework ~which she would undoubtedly give full marks~the rest of his efforts would fall well  short oh her high expectations. Luckily for the Detective the exquisite Lady P was very securely bound, and that badly colour coordinated towel wrapped between her luscious red lips, kept any criticism she might want to air nice and silent, at least for the moment. The whole affair was made even worse by the terrible language that ensued, when most of the massage oils landed on the floor, instead of upon Lady Penelope's delicious curves. Perhaps if the fool took his gloves off.....?
Lady P...Not Quite Matching!
The Detective had at last managed to convince the World's most sought after damsel, the exquisite Lady Penelope :iconenglishdamsel: to sample his Bondage Therapy centre. Now Lady P was well used to sampling the very best in pampering all around the globe, so WD had his work cut out if her was going to impress this particular client! Penelope certainly doesn't look all  that convinced as she sits beautifully on the bed....typical man she is probably thinking....nothing matches! All pink it's true, but totally different shades....the towel around Lady P's raven black hair was a rather wishy washy shade, and the one rather precariously tied around her luscious body was magenta. Then there was the towel gag between lady Penelope's red lips, which was a dark pink. At least the Detective's ropework was up to his usual high standard, this was the only reason Lady P employed him in the first place. Yes, very secure indeed, thought Penelope as she tested the hemp holding her captive, knowing she could never wriggle free. But everything else needed improvement...and Lady P would have loved to have given him some valuable pointers....but every time she tried to speak,that nasty absorbent towel in her mouth pressed against Lady P's tongue keeping her advice a secret! least for the moment!
Michelle and Angelina...Surprise Guest
As delicious Michelle :iconultramichelle:  was enjoying the benefits of the Bondage Therapy facilities on her own, the door was suddenly pushed open. In walked the detective with the the gorgeous Angelina :iconredangelina: in his arms. Her arms had been eased behind her back, and the detective's gloved hand was very firmly covering her mouth to keep her silent! Michelle loved the sensual scene unfolding in front of her, but all the black haired Princess could do was arch her back and writhe sensually in her bonds. Michelle wanted to beg the Detective to bind and gag Angelina up right next to her, but the silk scarf between her soft red lips, prevented her from making a sound....Apart from weak, sweet moans!


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At the moment I am currently going a fantasy/hero story with a OC which you might be able to tie, chain, gag and anything in the middle to her as you see fit I don't mind at all. 

Your character The Wicked Detective sounds such a good character and sounds like he loves DID's so if you wish you can use my OC Rose Carpenter she's 17/18 and is a spitting image of Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and the interesting point about her is she is never seen without a mask on apart from showers since secretly she has a mask fetish and loves latex, leather and PVC clothing and boots of all sizes especially thigh highs.… If you wish to use her in any of your arts then please feel free to do so. ^_^ 

looking forward to reading your reply and seeing what works you come up with next 

keep the great work coming on :thumbsup:
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